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Can Your Vitamins Make These Claims?



Dear Friends,

Each month more of you are calling my office asking if I can have your vitamins sent out to you so you don’t have to make a “special trip” to my office for them.

I’m listening to you…

You’ve asked to be able to log onto a secure 24 hour website and order vitamins from home or office, and have them delivered.

You’ve asked that the vitamins be hypoallergenic, vegetarian, and suitable for folks with sensitive digestive systems.

You’ve asked that they contain no artificial colors or artificial flavors.

You’ve asked that the ingredients be tested for purity and potency by independent labs.

You’ve asked that the vitamins…

Be free of gluten.

Be free of preservatives.

Be free of nuts.

Be free of eggs.

Be free of hydrogenated oils.

You’ve asked for a company I’ve been using for over 19 years, and some of you are already buying from for years…

You’ve asked for Pure Encapsulations.

Pure Encapsulations has made it secure, fast, and easy for you to order directly from them.

* Note: What you are about to read should cause you to find out if your current vitamin company can make these same claims.

If they can’t, you can now easily switch to Pure Encapsulations.

To Order, Here’s All You Have To Do…

#1) Go to http://www.purecapspro.com/drsegal

#2 Click on Patient Sign-In

#3 Click on Create Account

#4 Provide your name, email address, and choose a password, click save my account, (it saves your information for next time so you don’t have to re-enter it)

#5 Log-in to place your order
-with secure shopping cart technology, all major credit cards accepted.

#6 Select desired shipping method and submit order.

#7 Receive your Pure Encapsulations vitamins.

*** All orders over $89 get free shipping

If you have any questions please either call me at 847-778-3627 or email me.

Doc Segal