Latest 3 minute video shares The Journal Of The American Medical Association endorsing Spinal Manipulation for Acute, Sub-Acute, and Chronic low back pain.

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So I get a call today from a long time patient who works in food service for a large, local business.                                                                                                                                                Today is their Thanksgiving Day Meal…can I attend?                                                                   I already had folks scheduled but look what walks in with my last patient, from the same company right BEFORE lunch.                                                                                                           Just goes to show…when you take great care of your people…they take great care of you!.    Thanks Paulette & Claudia

The Consumer Report Magazine released a survey they did where over 45, 000 of their readers revealed their results and experiences with “Alternative Therapies”. Chiropractic was just one treatment modality…but check out the link below…                      We Kicked Butt!