Hi, Libertyville chiropractor Dr. Steve Segal from Community Chiropractic Care and www.libertyvillechiropractor.com here, welcome to my website…

Chances are you’re in pain and looking for my telephone number which is up top on your right, or you’re in pain and looking to see if I’m “The Go-To-Guy” to help you.

For the past 24 years I’ve been helping people in pain… all kinds of pain, back pain and neck pain, headaches, work injuries and sport injuries, even pain from auto accidents, you name it.

I’ve been brought in the “back door” to treat all types of professional athletes from football players to golfers, water-skiers, volleyball players, rodeo riders, along with your occasional rock star and actor.

Here’s how I might help you…

Your first visit starts off with you telling your story…any information that you want me to know about you, how and when your condition started, what helps it, what aggravates it, etc.

I ask pertinent questions next…

I watch you walk and evaluate your gait, that reveals to me a part of your life-long alignment history.

How your feet contact the ground and how your knees, hips, low back, line up…tell me  a lot.

Looking at you from the side reveals how your head, neck and shoulders line-up, then…

I perform a symptom pin-pointing examination, that reveals your current level of pain and range of motion.

Tight muscles?

Weak muscles?

Do your muscles have appropriate strength?

Up to 40 painless Orthopedic tests maybe performed, to determine your exact diagnosis and short term treatment goals.

Your area of complaint is felt and evaluated for tight muscles and joint motion.

About 15% of the time based on your history, I’ll take some diagnostic imaging…X-rays, it let’s me see what’s inside, your bone structure, how it looks compared to how it’s  suppose to look for someone your age.

Then I can answer the 4 questions almost every person I’ve ever seen asks me…they are.

What’s wrong with me?

Can you fix it?

How long is it going to take to fix?

How much will it cost?

After I answer those and any other questions you have… we start a helping with pain relief and get you moving better

Most often, my approach is …You’re seen twice a week for 2- 4 weeks and then re-evaluate where you are, and schedule appropriately.

My treatment plans are in focused ” goal orientated chunks”.

I think you’ll agree my treatment plan makes sense, common sense.

Sometimes I initiate “co-treatment” with other health care providers including: physical therapists, massage therapists,  personal trainers, Podiatrists, Orthopedic Surgeon’s, Internist’s, anyone that I feel is a piece to your health care puzzle.

In all my years in practice, patient care has come down to two rules, only two rules…they are

Rule #1        The Would I Rule…

Would I …recommend this treatment plan to my family member?                                         Would I …take this x-ray if they are my family?                                                                       Would I …do this therapy if they are my family?

If the answers is…yes, then all’s right in my world.

Rule #2…    Refer to rule #1

I still periodically get a call from the first, second, and fourth patient I saw when I opened up my own practice in 1994, the third one moved to Northern Michigan.

If you want this type of common sense, family care…then I’m your guy!

Call 847-778-3627 or make your appointment by clicking on the website tab that says…Schedule An Appointment, or email me here.

I look forward to helping you.

Dr Steve Segal